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Central Oregon, USASunriver and Bend, Oregon

  • Published Monday, May 21, 2012
  • Updated on Monday, May 13, 2013

In 1849 Oregon exploded as an agricultural goldmine. Today, whether you find your adventures in the mountains, ranches, at sea or across rugged terrain, Oregon has something for everyone.

Oregon’s Farm and Ranch lifestyle

It’s been over 200 years since Lewis & Clark journeyed across the United States to explore the unknown western territory, specifically, Oregon. The settlers paid a special attention to this new found land, documenting the unique opportunity for agriculture and farming. Pioneer farmers found two extremes of Oregon land: the rainy, heavily forested costal terrain and the vast stretch of arid land in the eastern portion of the state providing new challenges with hefty payback. It was 1849 and Oregon took its place as an agricultural goldmine.

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Every ranch and farm has a unique history.  Across Oregon the climate varies in each region, from the Pacific Ocean on the western side of the state to the Badland desert on the eastern side.

The first notable region is the Oregon Coast, providing rich delights from the sea, resulting in a sustainable seafood market.  You also will find vast dairy farms that produce world famous cheeses.

The Willamette Valley, which may be the most diverse agricultural region in the world, produces almost 200 crops including the fruits and berries used to create award-winning wines. There are more than 200 vineyards producing some of the best Pinot Gris, Riesling and Pinot Noir wine anywhere. Organically raised livestock is used locally in restaurants and sold in local grocery stores. You can find local grown produce sold at farmers’ markets that dot the historic towns and sides of the roads that can be biked and driven, which are connected by covered bridges and back roads through the countryside.

Southern Oregon is hilly and mountainous, giving it a reputation for land quality unlike any other. A heritage of mills, orchards, farms and vineyards dating back to the late 1800s can be found in the southernmost part of the state.

Nestled among the foothills and valleys of Mt. Hood is a remarkable area famous for high quality orchards and exotic flowers, in particular cherries which are sold fresh in export markets.

The Columbian basin hosts some of the nation’s most productive farm land with large farms that average 4,000 acres or larger.

The dry, arid Southeast region of Oregon dominates the livestock industry, with thousands of acres of irrigated land. The vast region is indescribable. Geographically Eastern Oregon ranges from alpine mountaintops and raging rivers to endless desert with ghost towns, bustling towns and painted hills of ancient fossil beds in between. There is a prevailing attitude that unites the region, a sense that life is best enjoyed at a slowed-down pace.

The seventh region is found where the other six meet, in Central Oregon which combines a variety of elements that make it unlike any other place in the Oregon. A place where you can find a cattle ranch surrounded by the stunning Cascade Mountain Range, lush pastures and the river canyon all with a river running through it.

Central Oregon has some of the most unique opportunities when it comes to purchasing farms and land. Crooked River Ranch covers 10,000 acres of rural residential, recreational and commercial property. The Community of Deschutes River Ranch offers over 380 acres of preserved open space, private river access, with miles of hiking and horse trails. Buckhorn Ranch is the largest premiere operating cattle ranch in Wallowa County. The Ranch Headquarters are located in some of the best deer and bird hunting in the area, as well as home to an elk herd of over 300 head. Buck Springs Ranch encompasses 15,700 acres at the base of the Maury Mountains. Cattle graze miles of native range interspersed with Aspen groves and Ponderosa Pine timberlands providing a unique life-style ranch in a great setting.  

You will find high desert ranches in Sisters, Prineville and Powell Butte. Sisters is nestled at the base of the majestic Three Sisters and is named for these distinct volcanic peaks in the central Cascades Range. First settled as the Camp Polk military outpost in the mid-1800s, the town of Sisters was built on a foundation of ranching, farming, logging and accommodating travelers crossing over the Cascades. Today, Sisters is a modern, western community that honors its heritage.

The area of Powell Butte, located at the base of the Powell Butte Range between Redmond and Prineville, has traditionally been a ranching and farming community. Powell Butte allows for the dream of owning a private piece of land for ranching or farming to come true.  The allure of open land in a dry, sunny climate with stunning views is drawing more and more people to this area.

Prineville is the oldest community in Central Oregon, established in 1868. The first settlers in what was to become Crook County, settled in the Ochoco (Oh-cho-coe), a Paiute word meaning “willows.” In 1882, the county separated from Wasco County and it was named for General George Crook, a recognized Native American fighter.

As the original reliance on the primary wood industry has faded, agriculture — both farming and ranching — is strong. These industries have contributed to Prineville’s identity and independent spirit!

Oregon is known for lush land, picturesque coastlines and infinite adventures. The welcoming, relaxed atmosphere is ideal for those who live for adventure, love to entertain and enjoy being a part of a community. Oregonians are genuinely welcoming, down-to-earth and the low key atmosphere makes this tightly knit community a happy and warm place to visit. While Oregon is a state that tends to maintain a low profile, its beautiful lands, rivers and mountains make it a destination hotspot. Once you visit Oregon, whichever region it may be, you will be thinking about making it your permanent residence.

Oregon boasts four defined seasons and a mild climate with endless opportunities for outdoor adventures to enjoy with family. Horseback riding, hiking, fishing, award winning golf courses and world class skiing are all in close proximity. With cultural arts and music, community events and local farmers markets, Oregon communities offer visitors a change from the fast-paced lifestyle found in urban, metropolitan areas. Because Oregon has exceptional agricultural with fresh produce readily available you will find the most outstanding restaurants, cafes and coffee shops. 

When visiting, lodging selections range from spa resorts, charming bed and breakfast cottages, rustic lodges and cabins, as well as guest ranches.  The Farm and Ranch lifestyle in Oregon provides a freedom like no other, a sense of permanent security and serenity. The spacious acreage, surrounded by mountain ranges and rivers when you have the only residence for miles, is a calming element that is indescribable. The experience of wildlife and ranch livestock creates a wonderful bond with the land.

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